Taking the (not so little steps) towards our future…

This idea of a big trip seems so fun. And adventurous. And exciting. And at times crazy…irresponsible.

We are grown adults and have the added responsibility of 4 kiddos, we totally get that we have to make sure some things are taken care of before we just take off traipsing around the country.

Knowing we have financial responsibilities, we decided to take our church’s upcoming Financial Peace University class from Dave Ramsey. Aside from setting up our savings (which we did), we also paid off a good chunk of our debt.

And then cut up those cards.

If we are going to live on the road and travel for a while, we are going to do so – debt free. So we will continue to pay off that debt until it is gone. God does not desire for us to borrow from anyone just for us to do his work. I am pretty sure if we have to borrow, then it isn’t what we are called to do. With that thought we will continue to live responsibly with any money God has given us, trip or no trip.


Updated: February 12, 2014 — 11:22 pm


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  1. Aside from our mortgage, we’ve been living debt free for around seven years. We buy cars with cash (even my 2010 Dodge Caravan last year) and it is the most rewarding feeling living debt free. I did FPU back in 2005 at PWOC but John never has and doesn’t have an interest. In fact, we played hookie from our small group yesterday at church because the pastor has every group doing his five week cram course despite offering the real FPU on Sunday evenings.
    I’m so proud of you guys! You can serve God with peace, if you don’t have to serve that other master, money.

    1. Thank you Ariele! This is our first time doing FPU and so far we are enjoying it. Our debt isn’t terrible, but we’d like to not have it at all, and it is possible. We do plan on paying cash for our travel trailer and anything else we need for this trip.

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