Texas is on Fire.

Please Pray

This fire (the big one on the left) has been burning since last week. The smaller one on the right, as well as two others, have been burning off and on.

These fires are about 10 miles away from us, but that is still too close.

There are more fires burning all over Texas. About 20 or more fires. Right now the biggest fire is in Bastrop. Some of you may remember that quaint little town that Brian and I got married in. I am tearing up just thinking about that town going up in flames. When I said big, I mean big. Currently it is 16 miles wide and has burned 25,000 acres.

Please pray. Pray for rain. Pray for all of the men and women working hard to put out the acres and acres of flames across Texas. Pray for the families that have lost their homes (more than 500 have burned now). Pray for protection from any future fires.

We are prepared for a quick evacuation if necessary, though right now I don’t think it will happen. We are prepared though, we do live just yards away from the dry hill country. My home state is in flames and I am sad.


Updated: September 6, 2011 — 2:36 am
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