Thankful Day 16

Today I am thankful for patience. I don’t have a lot of it. Somedays, in fact, I have more than others. Today, after a lot of begging, I let the kids help me paint. Ruby was the most excited about helping. Each kiddo was told to put on old pjs that were stained and no longer fit. Ruby did so in record time. I showed her how to properly prepare the paint brush (dip just the top part of the paint brush, let it drip, then while standing on only the green drip pad you can paint the wall). She listened carefully to the directions and then had a grand ol’ time painting away. She was so proud of her helpfulness!

I often forget that she just wants to help and be big. Today I had the patience to listen to her and let her help and it paid off. She wanted to help the rest of the day and did a great job doing so!

I still have a ways to go on painting our walls, but so far they look fabulous! I am thankful that I took the time to let the kids help today. They all did a great job and they all listened very well. You might think I am cuh-ray-zee for letting my 4 children help me paint, but they honestly did a great job!


Updated: November 17, 2011 — 5:29 am
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