Thankful Day 19

Today I am thankful for long term friends. I went to High School with these great ladies.

Kristi and I met when we were just 14. That was 20 years ago, by the way. Kristi and I have been through a lot together. We have grown up *a lot* together. I have moved away, she has married and lost in love (then found her wonderful husband) while I have moved away and started a slightly large family of my own. Even through the chaos of life we have found that we can keep up on each other and pick up where we left off. Sometimes it is easier to do so than others. Either way, I am thankful that we have been able to do so.

Jen and I met when I was 18, I am sure you can figure out by now that we met 16 years ago. Jen was the friend of Tricia, who you may remember was in our wedding. Tricia, Jen, Kristi and I were really good friends during the first few years of my college life. Though Tricia has parted ways with the rest of us(for the better), Kristi, Jen and I have still kept in touch. Very much like Kristi, Jen and I have been in touch here and there all while letting the chaos of life get in the way. Also like Kristi and I, Jen and I have kept in touch, even if just to say hi on Facebook.

Now that I live in Texas, the three of us decided that it was time to get together once again. It has taken us over a year to do so, but I am so very thankful that we did! We met at Jen’s salon in Austin, got our hair cut, ate lunch at a yummy restaurant, then did some shopping. It was an awesome & fun (and MUCH needed) chick day. I am thankful for these lovely ladies in my life!


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