Thankful Day 26

Today I am thankful that we are able to give. It is no secret, we have been blessed abundantly. I love that we are able to give to others as well. Today we went to the Chuy’s kids giving to kids parade. My step-dad, Papa Scott is the president of Blue Santa this year. Blue Santa is an organization that collects toys to donate to children who would otherwise not be receiving any gifts for Christmas. They have been around for several years and my parents have been a part of it for many of those years.

For the past two years our entire family has been able to help out with Blue Santa. This year we all went to the parade and watched from the street as the floats, bands, dance squads, etc passed by. The kids held onto their toys excited to put them on the toy trucks. We had to hold onto them at times so they did not run out before it was time. Finally we were given the go ahead and all 4 kiddos ran out to a truck and happily threw toys into the back of a truck, knowing the toys would go to a child who would otherwise be with out. Today I am thankful that we have not had to go with out. In fact we have so much that we can give to others. That brings me joy!

Me waiting for the parade to start. This year a cold front moved through and brought some unexpected rain. My mom drove out to where we were sitting and brought us some black trash bags and an umbrella. We looked hilarious, but had a lot of fun!


The kids were given the go ahead to run out and throw their toys in the truck. The all ran out and proudly did so! It was awesome!


After lunch with Nana and a few small errands around town we decided to warm up with a cup of hot cocoa at Motzart’s, a favorite coffee shop of ours. Vincent and I were goofing off. I love this kids goofiness!


Updated: November 27, 2011 — 4:05 am
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