Thankful Day 8

Today I started out being thankful for my very helpful kiddos. Jack had an accident this morning, so I gave him a bath. After he was done, I picked him up to take him out of the bath. As he got out, he jumped, I twisted and well, my back went out.

Right away Kenniston was asking how she could help me. She brought me a cup of water, fetched some Advil (she knew that she could only do it because I asked her to) and offered to make me some breakfast (this happened first thing in the morning). Vincent chimed in and offered to help as well. He microwaved my rice sock, a sock filled with rice used as a heating pad, and helped me adjust it on my aching back.

As I went about my day, however, I realized how thankful I was for medicine as well. It took just 2 hours for my back feel almost completely back to normal. It.was.amazing.

I was able to go about my day caring for Ruby, who didn’t feel so well (but seemed better by the next day)


and creating the moon with the other kiddos…




Updated: November 9, 2011 — 5:10 am
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