Thanksgiving, only a week late.

So despite the main squeez being away, we celebrated Thanksgiving just as we did every other holiday this year. It was fun and I soaked in every moment while trying to capture it on film {er I mean my handy dandy CF card}.

First we went on our traditional Krispy Kreme run. We only visit the doughnut sugar dome once or twice a year, Thankgiving is one of those visits.


{yes we do get hats every year as well}

Kenniston being her most helpful {typical} self! First we baked the bread, then she cut it for Mamaw’s home made cornbread dressing recipe (which everyone LOVED).



More cooking. The kitchen wasn’t too messy.


Then there are the olives. Every year we have olives, which end up on kids fingers. The big kids quickly put them in their mouths while the babies tried one, then promptly put it in my hand and told me “done!”


We also had talk about pilgrams and Indians. Most of the day the kids pretended to be pilgrams who were catching fish to help plant corn. It was funny to hear the conversations that took place.



{and yes, she is still wearing her pjs}

Of corse there was much eating to be had by all. Ruby’s favorite, chocolate cranberry sauce with pecans and whip cream. Oh yeah, we all loved it!


And the real reason behind Thanksgiving is to give thanks. So we have been. This is our thankful tree, pretty self explanitory, but very meaningful to all of us.


These things are just a drop in the bucket of what we have to be thankful for. The kids drew everything from their pumpkins they picked out at the store to their toys and the obvious family memebers and friends. There was a picture of the Seattle monorail drawn by Vincent, a picture of our van by me, Kenniston drew our friend’s daughter, Nina (our regular babysitter) and Ruby doesn’t realize it, but she drew Ellie, her favorite stuffed dolly. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed our photo tour of Thanksgiving in McGovernville! Feel free to stop by next year, we are always up for visitors!

Updated: December 4, 2009 — 7:18 am
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