The annual camping trip

Unlike last summer, our churches annual camping trip to Winthrop WA took place. This year was our third year to attend the camping trip & was our favorite location by far. Although the camp site was 5 hours away, it was worth the beautiful drive. The drive took us through the north Cascades into {warm} Eastern WA.

As soon as we arrived we unloaded the van and let the kids loose. They ran (and ran and ran), thankful to be free of the car-seat.


Brian and I set up the tent, then started to get our beds ready.


Meanwhile Kenniston and Ruby made sure our camp chairs were in working order.


Once everyone had their tents in order Chuck, one of the men who organized the camping trip, decided it was time to start a fire. He chose Kenniston to be his helper and she couldn’t be more excited!


The next day was the rafting trip. Most families that go on this camping trip go so they can raft. Brian and I went rafting, on the same lake (Methow Lake), the last two times we camped with our church. This year after hearing that the water was a frigid 30 something degrees, we opted to not go rafting. Instead we went to the beach area to let the kids play in the sand and warmer water.


Kenniston, our brave child, wanted to go in the water. At first she wanted to hold my hand (which I was ok with, the water got deep!). After a while, she decided it was ok to go out on her own. I turned around to find her swimming around several feet from me!


Vincent wasn’t so fond of the water. He opted to stay on the sand and dig with his pals. As you can see, the area was covered in beautiful green hills! The sky above, blue!


We ate our picnic lunch and spent most of our afternoon there at the beach.

After our fun in the sun faded into grouch on the grass we decided it was time to head to the van to explore the town of Winthrop while the twins took a nap. Even though this was our third trip to Winthrop, we had no idea there was an actual quaint little town nearby! We were so excited to find a vintage type Western town that was very outdoorsy friendly and had a great ice cream shop!


We headed back to our campsite and the kids enjoyed exploring our campground with their friends the rest of the afternoon. The creek with a bridge gave the boys hours of exploring.



Kenniston, Jack, and Ruby spent the rest of the evening playing in the dirt and riding their bikes around our camp site. It was any kids dream!


After a catered dinner..seriously, this was the first time they have ever done this! A BBQ dinner, it was pretty cool, different, but cool. Anyway, after dinner, the twins were put to bed while the big kids, once again participated in the fire starting activities. We would have let the kids enjoy the s’more, but they *needed* to get some sleep!

The big kids, loved the big fat marshmallows! yummo!


By the end of the night our crazy kiddos had spent their time chatting it up with all of the adults, but found their Sunday School teacher to have the best ear. Here they are with Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Heidi (another teacher and a friend of mine).


As you can probably tell, they were a ball of sugary energy by this point and would.not.stay.still.

You can always tell how much fun a child had by their hands. Dirty hands = more fun and exploring time. I’d say Vincent had a great time according to this picture!


The next day Brian and a few others got up early to make a yummy breakfast (french toast, ham, and fruit). Our pastor even helped serve everyone!


The kids had the chance to play with their friends some more. Ruby and Jack could not pull themselves away from their favorite babysitter, Nina.


Kenniston walked around picking massive handfuls of flowers for me.


After a while we packed up our stuff and said goodbye to beautiful green rolling hills, blue-skied Perrygin State Park.


We headed back through the North Cascade Mountains, and had to stop for a potty break for Jack and Kenniston. I am really glad we did. While at the rest stop/ scenic overlook, Brian took a moment to read the topographic map of the area we were in. He noticed that the mountains behind us were “Ruby Mountain” and “Jack Mountain.” Yeah, how cool is that??


{Ruby on the left, Jack on the right}

Parts of the trip were difficult at times -like when our dear sweet Kenniston realized that we um forgot baby Jesus or the dozen nose bleeds Vincent had due to horrible allergies oh and the drive was a bit long, but all in all we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the fun beach and awesome small town. Let’s not forget the great people we got to spend time with as well! I am glad we went and I am kind of sad to think that this will be our last camping trip with our church.

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