The city, oh the city…

After leaving the Statue of Liberty we caught a ferry and headed to the city.  We disembarked the ferry and found ourselves instantly in controlled chaos.  Merchants attempted to prey upon us with their goods in hand.  Everyone was trying to sell something; paintings of the city, caricatures, CDs, scarves, and pretty much any NYC souvenir imaginable. Artists were there to showcase their talents.


Through the madness we managed to find our tour bus right away.  We were glad we did, it was well passed lunch time and we wanted to find something to eat.  We did the quintessential New York thing and found a hole in the wall pizza place.

Ray’s hit the spot.  For a great price (less than $3 each) we each got a big ol’ slice of pizza.

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If you ever go to Ray’s, I suggest their mushroom and bacon pizza.  I don’t, however, recommend using their bathroom.  Just don’t.

Ray’s pizza is in the heart of Time Square.  Taking a step outside, this is what we saw…



Have you ever seen a movie that takes place in Times Square?  There are lights, big TV screens, a lot of people, and tall buildings.  Yeah, that is actuate.  I am surprised we didn’t have a seizure from the flashing lights.  This place is a constant distraction, I’m not really sure how anyone is able to focus.  They somehow do though.  In our classical education studies we are highly encouraged to study nature, one example being ants.  Somehow they come together to make sense of what seems like a chaotic mass of insects.  I’d love to take a week to just observe the New Yorkers.


We walked around and checked out a few things in Times Square, then got back on the bus.  The tour bus was especially helpful for learning more about NYC in general.  I have seen these iconic buildings my entire life, but never knew what they were or the story behind them.

The Flat Iron building:


We also learned a few things about the buildings.  This one is in the Flat Iron District.  In this specific area they wanted to build more buildings, but they wanted an older feel.  They built the buildings using modern materials like steel and metal, but they put a cement and brick paint/overlay to give it an older look.




The First Presbyterian Church of NYC



We were told time and time again to look up.  The buildings are all extremely tall and the architects took great lengths to add detail to all parts of the buildings.

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We got off of the tour bus in Chinatown, per Kenniston’s request.  That will be a blog post in itself.  Chinatown was on her bucket list.


After a visit in Chinatown we got back on the bus and headed towards the ferry dock.


We watched the madness outside the bus, very glad to not be doing the driving.

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Before going to the dock we had an important stop to make.  We wanted to go to Ground Zero.  Even now as I decide which pictures I am going to share I am filled with emotions from that evening.  It was overwhelming.  As I remembered the events from that day I tried to imagine what it would have been like to be there.  It was impossible to even begin to know.  If you are ever in NYC I recommend visiting this memorial.  These reflecting pools are just a part of the memorial and museum that pay tribute and honor the nearly 3,000 people who were killed in the events from 9/11.


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After a long day of walking and exploring we were all glad to be on the ferry back to our van.

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