The clock is ticking…

Well Brian is back in Texas with us, so all we are waiting for is baby Sweet Pea. We, thankfully, have a very understanding doctor who understands that Brian has to be in WA no later than May 4th. He also understands that Brian needs to be at Sweet Pea’s birth. So after reviewing Sweet Pea via ultra sound, we have decided on an induction date of April 18th. At first I was nervous because I had not dilated up until that point, however this has since changed. In 5 days I went from being 0cm dilated to 2cm dilated. The doctor says that I am favorable for induction.
Today I seemed to have passed part of my mucus plug, so hopefully that means that things are coming along naturally as well. I would far rather have this baby with out any interventions if possible. If I do have to have pitocin I am ok with that as well, just as long as Brian can be there.
On another note, we toured the hospital today. It is a really neat hospital with new a very new maternity ward. Each L&D room is private as is the recovery rooms. There is plenty of room for all of our bags, cameras, MP3 players, DVD players etc. I am sure they will think we are moving in when next Tuesday rolls around. But I guess you have to make yourself at home in these sort of situations.
Even though I have been through this once before, I am still slightly nervous. I am not so nervous about the labor part as I am about this baby being healthy. I look forward to meeting this baby and getting to know him or her.

Updated: April 12, 2006 — 6:27 pm

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