The direction we may go….

One week before Christmas 2013 marked the point where Brian officially had one year left in the military.  As we began to discuss what our future held, we realized that when the time came, we would have a unique opportunity in which we will not have any commitments.  We have a house, but that can be sold.  The kids are homeschooled, and can therefore be schooled… well, anywhere.  Aside from that, we are kind of free.

Freedom is kind of an exciting thought…

Kelly got a wild idea.  What if we took a big trip around the country?  What if we visit all the places we’ve always wanted to see? What if we buy an RV? What if… What if…?

This idea grew.  Traveling all over America would be an educational experience, no doubt.  However, we realized we could also serve others along the way. In fact, this December we decided to serve someone, somehow, each day leading up to Christmas.  Some acts of service were small, while others were on a larger scale.  The experience has been invaluable, not only for the good done to the other people, but also it’s been a great lesson to instill in the kids: the idea that our lives are about service. We have not been put on the earth to seek our own pleasure, but to bless others.

So, this idea of a big trip has come to fit into some of our goals as a family:

  • togetherness
  • serving
  • education/personal growth

And in working toward these goals, we end up with a more rewarding life than we would have if we’d just tried serving ourselves.

There are some financial details that we have to work through, like selling our house and another situation that we can’t discuss right now(but in God’s timing will be worked through). Selling our house is a bit of a leap of faith for us.  We are trusting God will work though the details of both situations if this trip is supposed to happen.

Another detail we are working through is the ways we plan to serve.  There are plenty of opportunities to serve in every community.  The internet and social media are wonderful tools to help find those organizations in need.  We also plan to contact friends around the US as we travel.  So heads up friends, this family of 6 is headed your way and we want to serve!  It could be as simple as painting or maintenance work at a homeless shelter, or mopping floors and cleaning toilets at a church facility. Or maybe planting a garden in a community that needs one. We’ll start at one end of the country, and make our way across the continent.

We have talked and prayed about this extensively, and continue to do so. We realize what a big lifestyle change this would be even for those few months, specifically the drastic downsizing that must take place. We have already begun the arduous task of throwing away, giving away, and selling so much of the stuff that has accumulated in our home. In March we plan to have a MAJOR yard sale!

So, to recap… Sell the house and buy a travel trailer. Travel the USA for a few months or so to volunteer and serve others while visiting some of the amazing sites in our wonderful nation . Sounds crazy, because it kind of is. We’ll be using this blog and social media to keep folks posted. But more than anything, we would appreciate your prayers as we continually seek the Lord’s guiding & protecting hand on us, we only desire that his will be done.

Updated: January 1, 2014 — 8:00 am
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