The Eagle has landed…hehe

Ok, so I have been kinda taking in code lately. If you know us at all, you know what I am talking about – Brian coming home for R&R (his two week break from deployment). While I am not going to spend time on the computer and neglect that awesome husband of mine, I will show you a little snipet of life from the last few hours. Joy definitly describes the feeling around here. And chaos, overwhelming chaos. The kids are thrilled, bouncing off the walls (um literally) dancing on the couch upside down, chasing down Daddy saying “hold Daddy hold please” (Ruby), giggling hysterically, fully of complete and utter elation. After finding Brian both of the big kids had to pay a visit to the bathroom. Kenniston, wanted so badly to go in the men’s bathroom. She was in hysterics because she wanted to go with her Daddy. She was so worried that she would not see her Daddy again. It. broke. my. heart. That girl loves her Daddy.

With our further adieu a picture collage of today’s events…

One more thing…please don’t expect much from us for a while, we hope this tides you over for oh say two weeks.

for real this time, the picture…

Updated: September 1, 2009 — 4:01 am
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