The green rectangle

There is this green rectangle setting on my digital SLR camera that is really handy for my lazy photography days.  I grab the camera to get my daily dose of photography for the day and simply point the camera towards the kids and shot.  Simple and relatively painless, however it doesn’t always produce the exact shot I want.  Some days I am just trying to make a quick memory of the event so the green rectangle gets the job done.  However being the perfectionist I am, I hate that I get so laxed like that.  I want to completely capture the essence of the moment.  I want to pour my heart into remembering the laughter of the older kids wrestling or the twins tiny mouths letting out a giant yawn.  Over the past week or so I have been getting back into the lesson of photography and I have found my knowledge returning quickly (thankfully, I was sure my mind was lost for good).  More and more I found my camera setting on the M, AV, or P modes.   I am happy to say after shooting nearly 300 (no exaggeration) photos I am pleased with many of them!  It was so much fun playing with our older 2 children for an hour this afternoon.  We had the chance to finally enjoy the outdoors today!  An afternoon of t-ball turned into dog pile on Mommy, which turned into blowing the dandelions, which turned into digging in the mole holes, which turned into playing in the garden hose.  It was a blast!

Sometimes I feel like my parenting also has a little green rectangle.  Instead of slowing down to listen and think about the specifics of the kids individual needs I put on the automatic mode and just threaten anything so we can get our activity (or sometimes even day) over and done with.  Currently I am praying that I can go back to the M, AV or P modes so I can cater our discipline to each child and their specific needs.  Just like in photography, the green rectangle in parenting never seems to produce the outcome I so desire.  It usually leads to grouchy kids and parents, overtired little ones who didn’t get their love tank filled, miscommunication, too many time outs and spankings, raised voices, hurt feelings etc etc. I will never stop learning how to parent my children, so I need to remember to go back to the so called manuals to learn how to use different “settings” on a regular basis.  I don’t like using the green rectangle in the parenting situation, that is one rut I don’t ever want to be stuck in.

Updated: May 6, 2008 — 8:18 am
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