The joy this Christmas

It might have been because there was Christmas number 1


And then Christmas number 2


or it could be the cute hats the girls got from Grandma


though the kids love their new laptop from Nana and Papa Scott


and Vincent’s face showed his excitement over his new iPod Touch from Mamaw and Papaw


or it could be the sheer giddiness of the kiddos


I think, though, it has to do with the people we got to spend Christmas with.

For the first time ever, my entire family got to spend Christmas with my parents


and my grandparents


and Brian’s mom


In the years past I had always wanted to be with all of my family (Brian included!!), in my home, with my extended family on Christmas. Being a military family, that obviously wasn’t possible. This year, I sat back while fighting tears of joy and took it all in. I watched Jack run over to Mamaw and giggle with her. I watched a Christmas pj wearing Ruby dance for my mom. Kenniston patted Grandma’s face as she snuggled up to her. I saw Papa Scott chatting away with Brian and Papaw. It was warm and cozy and it all happened in our quaint home here in Texas.

Yes, it was great seeing my kids giddy to wrap their siblings gifts


I loved seeing the funny things my husband wrote for me on the gift tags this year (a wonderful McGovernville tradition)


watching Grandma get silly with the kids brought smiles to all of our faces


Finding cards from Vincent tucked in the Christmas tree warmed my heart


It was fun watching my kids share their new treasures with each other

Vincent reading his new Bible did bring me to tears

Jack giggling over a bouncing ball warmed my heart

Ruby taking up most of the morning to carefully inspect each item in her stocking while eating chocolate after chocolate

But all in all, what I loved most was being together as a family.




Updated: December 31, 2010 — 6:17 am
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