The obligatory photos…

At the end of summer I start to see the photos appear on Facebook and blogs every where.  The golden colors all tell me that the photo was taken not too long after the sun was up, the clothes lacking any signs of stain and their freshly pressed appearance tell me that the outfits are new.  And then you see the straps that adorn the children’s shoulders.  Yes my friend, I am talking about the infamous first day of school pack pack photos.

As a homeschooling family you might wonder if my children even know what a back pack is.  And the answer is, yes, we do.  In fact, we even own them.  In case you didn’t know, we actually attend a homeschool co-op every semester and have done so for the last 4 years.  It is such a joy to work with other like-minded parents to help teach our children.  It is also a joy to take home 4 exhausted children who sleep very well at night, but I digress.  When we go to co-op every Thursday the kiddos all take along their back-packs and a few items for their classes (like Legos for Vincent’s Lego class, Kenniston’s American Girl book, and water cups for the twins) and they happily tote their back packs around for the day.  
So, with out further adieu, the obligatory back pack photos.



And then to make our day even more um fun, Kenniston had ballet just half an hour after co-op.  Thankfully her new ballet school is just a mile away from co-op.  These kids are keeping me B-U-S-Y!
Kenniston is second from the last.  She and I talked about how tired she was.  I didn’t realize that her PE class was her last class.  This means that she goes from PE directly to ballet after a long day.  After talking about it she and I decided that instead of her going to PE she is going to hang out with me and mommy and Kenniston time instead.  I like that.  Time with my girl.  Sounds good to me!
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