The original bassinet

  It is hard to believe, but 5 years ago I was pregnant with Vincent James.  Brian and I were busily preparing for life with a baby.  We were purchasing books, clothing, toys, etc.  We weren’t the only ones preparing.  Our family searched for all kinds of goodies for the much anticipated first McGovernville baby.  

 The spring before he was born, Brian was due to deploy, despite my June due date.  My mom wouldn’t have me being alone, so she purchased a plane ticket for me back to Texas.  Despite a change in deployment plans (he didn’t deploy until much later), I headed off to spend part of the spring in Texas with family.
  I will always remember the day my grandmother (Mamaw) called me to tell me that she had found a great bassinet at a resale shop.  I went over that afternoon to see it.  She showed me the white fabric covered bassinet.  I saw the basket below that would eventually hold extra blankets and SwaddleMe wraps.  Mamaw showed me the area that my ever-so-resourceful Papaw repaired a slight flaw in design.  I squished the mattress that my baby would one day lay on.  I looked at this bassinet and tried to imagine what exactly it would be like when a baby did eventually lay sleeping in this bassinet (even if it weren’t long stretches of sleep).  How would they lay their arms?  How would they bunch up their legs?  Would they prefer sleeping on their side, or back?  How many babies would eventually get to sleep in this bassinet? 

  Before becoming a mother I could never imagine how this baby would change my life.  How my every thoughts were forever changed.  I could never imagine how such small semingly mundane things in life became a huge deal.  Right now I have many friends who have recently found out that they were expecting a baby.  Amy, Mandy, Robyn, (and eventually Tonya) gals know how that bassinet you will pull out will change your life.   I also have a few gals that I am praying for continually.  Friends like Heidi that would love to concieve soon.  I pray that you soon have the same experience we have all had.  
  Now all I have are memories and pictures of this bassinet.  We sold it in a yard sale almost 2 years ago.  We weren’t sure what God’s plans were for us in the baby department.  We figured if we were to have any more babies God would provide any necessary sleeping arrangements.  This past spring we had no problem finding sleeping arrangements, but I will never forget that bassinet.

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