The past 2 days

2 naked toddlers
4 loads of laundry
4 towels on hand at all time
4 pair of baby legs
8 pair of underwear
6 pair of panties
15 clean ups
30 hours into this

0 pair of diapers used (with the exception of sleeping time)

ahhh, I think it is working.




We realized on the second day that Jack understands *um* what is going on if he goes completely commando (sans underwear). We left them off this morning just to see how it works and today he told us almost immediately when he had to go. Versus most of the day yesterday, when he would just go and tell us. He did start to get it towards the end of the day yesteraday. Today, between both twins, we have only had 3 very small messes to clean up.

Ruby seemed to catch on pretty quickly. I think the m&m bribe positive reinforcement might have helped. Whatever it was, we are pleased with her progress. In a few days hopefully we will be up for traveling outside of our house for a bit….until then we will have 2 half naked toddlers roaming the backyard.

Updated: June 12, 2010 — 9:50 pm
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