The stories I forget to mention

But I want to remember forever….

A week or so ago I took all four kids to Trader Joes to stock up on a few things before my mom arrived.  As we were heading to the check out Vincent asked if we could go look at the flowers and I agreed.  He asked if we could get some and knowing how pretty the simple five dollar bouquet would be on the table when Nana arrived I told him yes.  He proudly carried them to the check out and held them tightly after we paid.  Before we got to the van Vincent stopped and said “Mommy we bought these flowers for you, here you go, these are your flowers!”  He was so proud of himself, he stood there smiling brightly as he held the flowers out to me!  What a sweet kid.

Last week had its ups and downs.  After getting really frustrated with Kenniston I sat down behind the couch to take a few deep breaths and tried to regain composure before talking to her.  I was sitting silently when Vincent walked over and patted my back and said “it’s ok Mommy, you’re going to be ok. It ‘s ok to be angry.  Are you calm now?”

A few nights ago while waiting for me to get the babies ready for bed Kenniston sat on our overstuffed chair in our bedroom and “read” a book.  She pointed out the words in my book (not a kids book) she read the following “Mommy loves me, but she brushed my hair and it hurt me, but I am ok because mommy made it better and now I am beautiful.”

This isn’t a story as much as it is an update…Ruby loves to play peek a boo.  She loves to pull blankets over her eyes and kick her legs crazy like then pick the blanket up off of her eyes.  She smiles really big and excitedly when the blanket comes off again.  She does it over and over again.

Tonight as Kenniston was waiting for dinner to cook she sang into a microphone.  The song she sang was an old favorite around here, the “I Can Do It Song.”  It started with Vincent singing it years ago and now apparently Kenniston has her own version.  I guess you can say our kids will never have a self esteem problem. 

Speaking of self esteem…we kind of have a new saying around here.  You are not allowed to say “I can’t do it.”  Instead you can say “I can try.”  I have worked more so on Vincent with this saying, however apparently Kenniston has caught on.  Today as Kenniston was putting her pants on she said over and over again “I can try Mommy, I can try.”  It was cute.

I know there are more stories, but it is late and I really need to get to bed before one of my adorable babies wake up again, it is after all the fun teething stage! 

Updated: October 6, 2008 — 5:38 am
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