The story of the vacuum (from dropshots)

This story may not seem that funny, but after a long day of playing with 4 energetic kids I was pretty tired and found it quite amussing. 

Before dinner each night the kids are told to pick up their toys.  Kenniston brought me a peice of her kid sized Dirt Devil hand vacuum cleaner which belongs in her room in a toy bin.  I told her it belongs with the vacuum cleaner (meaning her vacuum cleaner) and told her to put it away.  Away she went.  Fast forward a few hours.  The kids are all in bed and Brian and I are busy cleaning up from the day.  I pull out the vacuum and on auto pilot I start to vacuum.  At one point I look down and found the peice from Kenniston’s toy stuck in the vacuum cleaner, our vacuum cleaner.  I guess she figured it belonged in our vacuum cleaner and just stuck it on, lol.  I think it is neat that she knew just where to go to put it away and stuck it on.  I, obviously, had to get a picture.

Updated: May 22, 2008 — 5:10 am
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