The things I am trying to cherish

Ruby and Jack being our last babies, I am trying to cherish every last baby moment I can.  As always, today I was with a camera on hand to capture a few of said moments…

While it is frustrating to change a non-stop wiggling baby, I love it.  I took off Jack’s diaper turned to wrap it off and grab the new one, then turned around to find no baby.  Where was he?

Across the room!!!!

At another point during our day Ruby was playing with a finger puppet.  Her new favorite animal is a bird, which happens to be her new favorite sign.  I love watching her use those sweet fingers to practice a sign.

I always love seeing the babies cuddle up to their blankies!  They just hug onto them with glee!

Oh how I love when this baby plays with her tongue.  It is so cute to look over and see her twisting her tongue around as if though it were a foreign object.  She then likes to shrill with delight over her new found discovery!

And I can’t forget those chubby legs on this baby boy!  He has the most squishable, kissable, adorable baby legs!  Baby legs (the name of the sock like thigh highs he is wearing) don’t like to stay on his thighs, but they are cute none-the-less!

I am glad so many of my friends are expecting again!  I know there will be many more baby cherishing moments in the year or so to come! 


OH!  I forgot to mention that I figured out part of my problem with my photos lately.  I had reset my ISO setting a while back to be much higher than what it should be in a well lit area (I had it set to 1600).  I know that doesn’t effect my white balance as much, but it does explain the graininess that I was experiencing.  Thanks for the help Kellie!  I will continue to seek your advice!

Updated: February 6, 2009 — 7:06 am
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