Their last day as “Babies”

I know most of you will laugh at me, or at least snicker, but that is ok. Go ahead. I have this weird thing about a “baby.” To me, in my own little head, a baby is a baby up until the end of 18 months. It just seems fitting that somewhere after that they have this transformation into “toddlerhood.” Gone are their babyhood, chubby cheeks seem to slim down, bottles are more and more tabu {as are binkies}, potty training seems to be pushed more and more, understood words {even if only by parents and caretakers} are coming more frequently, some come out of cribs and into toddler beds, the morning nap is often dropped, gone gone gone are baby days. Transition seems to happen at 19 months.

Tomorrow the twins will be 19 months. Technically I guess today, but I haven’t “woken up” yet, so for me it won’t happen until morning. Tomorrow I will use the word toddler and try my hardest to drop the baby word. It makes me just a little sad to know that tomorrow babyhood in McGovernville is gone. Gone gone gone.

Toddlerhood has some great things about it. I am still trying to find those great things, every day. Somewhere between emptied cupboards and dresser drawers that once contained clothes I look hard for good positive things about this age. While I am chasing an escaping toddler {who may or may not have been running straight for the road} I seek out those enjoyable moments of toddlerhood. When I repeat {sometimes, ok fine, all the time, multiple times an hour} “only balls are for throwing, not -fill in the blank -” I am seeking the positive aspects of toddlerhood. I think I remember it getting more *ahem* challenging.
I also remember it getting better. Everyday I am greeted with a kiss and a hug, many of them actually. At many times through out my day a certain baby, ops I mean toddler, boy will come up to me and shout “MOMMA, MOMMA.” When I look down and find his arms stretched out for me with one of the most adorable grins on his face, I can’t help but to lift him up and wait for the hug slap on the face then for his arms to wrap around me and pat my back. Then as quick as the sweet loving encounter started, it is over and he wants back down to play again.

His twin sister is just as loving. One of my favorite things during the day is when she brings me a book and very admittedly tells me “book, book, hold you.” All this followed by a chest slapping sign for “please.” After I take the book she always gives me a giddy smile as if she just can’t wait to hear the story. She plops her tiny body on my lap and prepares to hear a story, often times pointing things out before I can even start the page. I love hearing her little sweet voice roaring like a lion, so stinken cute!
Yes, I guess there are good things about this toddlerhood. I am trying my hardest to embrace it and remember that it goes fast, way too fast. As I hug on and play with the oldest two I try to hold onto their stage as well. It was sad enough seeing Vincent start Kindergarten this year, but I know I have a few more years until our current toddlers are at that stage.
Goodbye baby….hello toddler….

Updated: October 18, 2009 — 7:13 am

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