These gifts brought lots of giggles…

and I am proud to say I was the giver of one, LOL

Sometimes I think I buy too many practical gifts. This is where my dear sweet friend, Nicole, comes in. She went Christmas shopping with me this year. She and I were one of those crazy people (mainly women, thank you very much!) up long before the crack of dawn, and out in the stores in search of good deals. And good deals we did find, along with fun, not so practical gifts. One of those said gifts was a remote control Jeep. I picked it up wondering if Vincent would like it. As I thought about it more, I realized how much Brian would like it..and maybe even Jack. At $17, half off of the original price, I *had* to buy it!

I put it and the rest of the loot on my bed after the day of shopping. When Brian came in later that night, despite my hiding job, he found the remote controled Jeep and got excited. I had to tell him that it was a gift for the “Secret Brotherhood of McGovern Boys,” the not-so-secret club of the boys in our family. Even though I wanted to see his face light up on CHRISTMAS, it was worth it to see it that evening instead. Brian was giddy and began to open the box right away. I, obviously, stopped him. He then told me that he wanted to charge the battery right away so it would be ready on Christmas morning. I am glad he did because it was played with so much we have had to charge it a few times since then!



The kids run off so much energy and giggle so much every time it is played with, I am begining to think it might even be considered a good “PE” for them.


The other gift that has brought a load of giggles every single time it is brought out is another remote control car. This one was given to Jack by Mamaw. This car is a rough and tumble car that has 2 buttons. Forward. And Backward. Jack does not know which one is which, lol. He pushes one button then rapidly pushes the other. Repeat. He giggles and chases the car around while pushing the forward button, all while wondering why the car keeps moving.



And then he picks it up like a big kid and carries it around to take it out for more fun. {Doesn’t he look so big?}


Updated: January 10, 2011 — 4:31 am
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