These kids have quite the imagination

The other day while Keniston was sleeping I read a book with Vincent.  All of a sudden I heard a scream, an ear splitting no-mother-wants-to-hear kind of scream coming from Kenniston’s room.  I ran to the room and opened the door.  I found her standing by the door in tears.  As any mother would do, I began to look for blood or any other signs of injury.  I found nothing.  As I held on tight to Kennsiton and begin my attempts at calming her I asked her to tell me what happened finally this is what I got:
“I was pretended to be in a chrysilis under there (pointing to under the twins crib) and come out as a butterfly, but when I did I pretended there was a fire and it scared me.”

Woah!  All of that from my 2 year old!  She has some imagination.  After I reminded her that she could pretend the fire went away and she, afterall, should be napping I put her back into her bed.  After naptime she and her big brother decided the chrysilis game should continue.  Both of them had a great time going under the crib and coming out a butterfly.  I guess one of my bug lessons actually made it through!

Here are some pics, please don’t mind the pile of outgrown baby toys!

Updated: August 29, 2008 — 12:18 am
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