This boy is wise beyond his years

  Yesterday on our way to run some errands we stopped at a red light.  There was a homeless man standing on the corner.  Hoping to help feed this man I searched our van for any extra food.  Usually we have fruit, crackers and occasionally a loaf of bread or muffins on hand for our many hungry kiddos.  Today I did not.  
  Vincent, our ever so inquisitive child, asked what I was doing.  I explained that the man standing outside was homeless and did not have any food to eat.   I also told him I was trying to find some food to give to him.  In his innocense he suggested that the man should go to his house to eat.  I began to explain that the man probably did not have a home, which meant he probably slept outside on the grass. He thought about it for a while then told me that the man should sleep in his car.  I proceeded to explain that some people have no place to sleep at all and sometimes they don’t have any food to eat either.  The conversation didn’t go too much further than that but, he talked about this homeless man here and there through out the day.  
  Later that day I took him to AWANAS.  A man stood on the corner there as well and Vincent reminded me to look for food for that man.  I told him that I hadn’t brought any more food to the van, but next time we left the house we could bring some food. 
  Today before we ran errands, I prepared some lunch to put in the kids lunch bags for the van.  Vincent told me that he wanted to give his lunch to the homeless man that we passed yesterday.  I was so touched that he would give up his lunch!!  Knowing that my scrawny little boy (not because we don’t feed him!) could use any food he can get, I told him it was a kind thought, but we should pack a seperate lunch for the homeless man.  We did just that, however, we went a different way today and didn’t see any homeless people πŸ™
  So, tonight as we prayed Vincent, as usual, wanted to pray on his own.  His prayer was this:
“Dear Heavenly Father I thank you for all that you do.  Please help me to be a better person and keep us safe and Daddy too.  Please help to build a house for that man who sleeps in the grass.  Put his house by the playground by the fence and keep him safe.  I thank you God for all that you do.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”
  I was fighting back tears as he said those kind words.  His compassion for others has blown me away!  It wasn’t like we sat down and had some sort of lesson about being kind to others, he just knew to do it.  He knew to be compassionate to others.  Wow. 
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  1. Once again, you’re making me cry! You’ve got to stop doing that! πŸ˜‰ It make my heart just swell w/ pride to know you’re teaching my grandchildren such things. And don’t kid yourself, you may not have sat down and lectured about compassion, but you know as well as I do, that kids pick up on what they see modeled, so obviously they’ve seen this in you and Brian and for that I’m eternally thankful! Thank you!

  2. Hello from Afghanistan! I could not be more proud of Vincent. What an amazing kid. And thank you Honey, for nurturing his attitude of selflessness. I love you all!

  3. That’s an awesome prayer!

    Love the new header and all the family pics! Great job!

  4. kelly – i love this story! what a sweet boy. My little cade is alot like that. i am ashamed i do not blog πŸ™

    hope we get to see you all on your trip to Texas. Brian is in our prayers.


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