This is my glamorous life

On Sunday we go to church, then we usually meet a heard of friends at a local Mexican restaurant. Afterwards we are free. Free to go home and change into our comfy Sunday clothes and do whatever we please. So what did I do this Sunday?

  I used to enjoy watching a movie on Sundays. Now I get to clean out dryer lent, switch out summer/fall clothes, and vacuum....with football playing in the background. Of all of those I enjoy the football part the most.

 I cleaned out our dryer hose (the silver shiny tube in the BACK of the dryer, not the lint trap). Yup. Glamorous isn’t it? At least I got to hang out with my funky kids. And get shot at by a silly girl who believed that her red tights were a gun.

  Ruby waltzed in the room like this and started to pretend to be shooting things...out of her red tights. #shehasawildimagination

 Did I mention she was wearing her brother’s spy glasses? Yeah, I love her.

Updated: September 10, 2012 — 4:08 am
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