This is their chidhood

Ok, so I know what you are thinking, “well duh Kelly.”  No you see, I was talking with a girlfriend of mine today about various parts of my childhood and I began to realize that this is Ruby, Jack, Kenniston and Vincent’s childhood.  These are the memories that they will talk about.  Vincent will remember his duvet cover with brown and blue polka dots, he will (hopefully) remember the picture of the drum and the one of the guitar that Brian and I painted (Vincent helped as well).  Will he remember having drawers full of trains and Hot Wheel cars?  Will he and the others remember making trips to the farmer’s markets where they got to walk around eating apples, pears, and cherries to their hearts content then afterward dancing to live music?  Will they remember how their mommy gave them the reminder talk before they headed to any childcare?  BTW, by reminder talk I mean the “I hope you make good choices while you are with other people or there will be consequences.”  Will they remember our red van?  Will they talk about how mean we were for our rules…such as, if you throw down your snack/drink/etc on purpose then you have to clean out all of the trash on the floor.  Most importantly I hope and pray that they know how hard we try to be the best parents we can possibly be.  Despite my college education and numerous classes on general child education, I could only prepare myself for being a parent by becoming one. 
Updated: June 12, 2008 — 7:06 am
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