THREE Years Ago

Do you remember what you were doing 3 years ago? I do.

I was sitting in an ER room. I was a nervous wreck. I thought I was miscarrying our 5 week old baby. After talking to my doctor I was under the impression that I would lose the baby that I *just* found out I was going to have. In the ER I waited to be seen. I was seen, questions were asked and yet I still had no answers.

Finally after 6 long hours (yes, I still remember how many hours we waited!) a doctor and a PA came in the room and told me we were going to do an ultra sound.

I sat on the cold ER table (circa 1954) and heard the PA say “well, there is one Fallopian tube, it looks fine. There is your other, it also looks fine. There is the egg.” Silence. “There is another egg.”

I half sat up and said “WHAT?” To which the doctor replied “oh don’t mind us, we are just speaking medical talk.” I couldn’t help it, I told him that I may not be educated, but I know what 2 eggs mean. After a few more moments of silence and looking around the doctor finally spoke up. He told me that the PA spoke up to soon and we were indeed pregnant with twins.

twins first ultrasound aug 2007

{does anyone remember this photo?}

I hear about these life changing moments, these grandiose stories of moments. It’s one of those times that you don’t expect something, but when it happens it is big! This was my life changing moment. I always knew I would get married. I didn’t know it would be to such an amazing guy, but I knew one day I would be married. I pretty much knew we would have kids. I just didn’t know we would have our last two on the same day.

It’s more than just that. Twins are a pretty big deal. It’s not just twice the diapers, twice the feedings, twice the laundry, etc. It’s twice the milestones, twice the personalities, twice the likes and dislikes…but in two different people at different times. Only a twin parent would understand what it means to have twins. People can claim that they know what it is like to have twins, but you really can not grasp life with twins until you actually have them. It is wonderful and neat at times.

I have to admit though sometimes I feel robbed. We would have had our fourth and final child this year. Last month to be exact (yeah do the math…Brian home for R&R in Sept…you get the point). We would be holding our newborn right now and embracing the last of our babiness. Instead we just sold the high chairs and passed along the rest of the baby shoes. I don’t have any regrets about having twins, it’s just this tiny part of me that at times thinks about where we would be if we hadn’t had a Jack and a Ruby that March of 2008.

jack and ruby small

Yeah, that feeling of being robbed doesn’t last very long. Difficulties and challenges will come and go with or with out twins. I am just happy that they are both ours.

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