Thursday Kiddo Update

rubynov2008_01.jpg Ruby Adeline standing picture by briansillywife

Ruby Adeline 7 months:

 Ruby is still a peanut.  She is a petite little sweet girl who loves to smile at Mommy and Daddy.  She is so observant and studies everyone with her eyes and hands.  The moment she is picked up her hands raise to your face to see what you are all about.  She has amazing fine motor skills and has almost mastered her pincer grasp.  Her current favorite toys are tags, dolls with hair (so she can practice grasping) and blankets for playing peek-a-boo.  She absolutely does not like solid foods.  I take that back, she doesn’t like pureed solid foods.  She loves Cheerios, Gerber Puffs, muffins and stuff like that.  The only pureed food she will even semi-allow in her mouth is bananas, even then it is only a few bites before she clamps her mouth shut.  
Just recently I was able to put a hair clip in her hair.  She doesn’t care much for the process of getting the clip in, but once it is, she is happy.  Ruby is a pro at sitting up and will do so for a long time.  She also loves being on her back and will lie there playing with her toes or other toys for a while.  She tolerates laying on her belly, but it definitly isn’t her favorite position.  She used to roll all over the place, however, now she wiggles around on the floor only when she wants a new toy to play with and explore.  As of yet she doesn’t have any teeth that have made a debut. 

 Currently Ruby jabbers up a storm, however, her only real word is “mama.”  When she is tired, hungnry or hurt that is her favorite thing to say (it melts my heart every time!).  She loves to scream, but in a happy way.  She loves when I read “Mr Brown can Moo can You?” or “Moo Baa La La La.”  She also loves smacking her lips and making a variety of noises.  As I type she is sitting down playing with a toy and saying ” a da da da da.”  Brian will be thrilled that his efforts are working, lol.  
 Another way we are teaching her (and Jack) to communicate is through sign language.  Currently Ruby can sign more and is starting to sign milk.  I think we will start working on please and all done soon.  Ruby is starting to say the sounds for “all done” after I say them, so she might just say it before she signs it.  
 One of her favorite activities is playing Patty Cake, the Itsy Bitsy Spider and saying “How big is Ruby..Sooooo big.”  Her eyes light up when I start to say “How big…” and grasp her hands into mine.  She begins to lift her arms up in anticipation (I always lift her arms up as I say it as if to show how big she is).  Oh, speaking of arm lifting, she has started to reach for me!!  It started almost a month ago and it is still as sweet as the first time it happened!
 Right now we are working on teaching her to enjoy (or at least tolerate more) laying on her belly.  She could use the trunk control.  Also we are working on feeding her pureed foods more often.  She still gets her nutrience from my milk, but at some point she should transition over to more solid foods….some time before a year any way.  
 Just over the past month or so I have tried standing Ruby up next to the ottoman.  Much to my dismay (in a sad “my babies are growing up” kinda way) she does great.  She loves to look around and be part of the big kid action. 

 One more thing I have noticed about Ruby.  She definitly seems like a shy type.  She seems far more comfortable around people she knows most (Me, Brian, Mandy, Amy, her siblings, etc).  When I take her to any nursery (MOPS, church, the YMCA) she doesn’t seem to do very well unless someone she knows is working in there. 

I hope you have enjoyed this (legnthy) kiddo update.  It is something I hope to do weekly.  Lately I have been in kind of a funk.  Stress and anxiety over an upcoming departure of sorts looms over our heads and hearts.  Our children feel it just as heavy as we do and seems to be worse in them.  Add to that back pain and other issues.  I am trying so hard to keep our family all together, but I know I need a lot of prayer. 

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