Time with friends

Since moving back to Texas we have been able to spend more time with people we love! It has been so awesome seeing these people regularly. One of my friends that I have missed hanging out with is Tonya. I met her the day after Brian left for Iraq. That was June 19, 2004. Just 3 weeks later I had Vincent. Tonya had just married her husband, Rick the week before we met. We had both entered a new stage in life and were kind of new to the military. On top of it all, we both moved to NY from TX. I loved knowing a fellow Texas, even if she hadn’t been born there 🙂 Over the years we became close friends and now we both live in the great state of Texas.

Her husband is now out of the Army, but they live just 2 hours north of us, near Dallas. We have been up to visit them a few times and they have driven down here to see us a few times as well. Not only that we have been able to meet half way at the Waco zoo!

This past week Tonya and her two kiddos, Brielle (4.5 years) and Callum (2 years) came to visit us. Brielle, Kenniston and Ruby always have a great time hanging out! I am surprised they ever get to sleep, lol. It is great to have those fun nights every so often though, so it was ok!


The next day we headed to the train museum and the kids ran around the huge park outside. Fun was had by all!


It is so nice to have friends nearby!

Updated: October 4, 2011 — 4:15 am
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