Today we went to “Chunky Cheese”

that is, according to Kenniston.  That is what she calls Chuck E Cheese.  These poor kids are so deprived, they only get to go to said place when grandparents visit.  It isn’t that we don’t like the noisy, chaotic, seizure inducing place.  It’s just that it is really hard keeping up with 4 kids, let alone allowing them to really enjoy themselves while making the trip.  If I am going to sacrifice my energy and finances, I would rather take the kids somewhere that didn’t induce stress and I could really enjoy with the kids. 

Today I was thankful to have mom’s help in the adventure.  It was afterall, her idea.  I do have to admit, it was a good time.  I took Vincent around and had the chance to teach him how to really play Skee Ball and Air Hokey, 2 important life skills that need to be acheived sometime before middle school.  Thankful Vincnet is well on his way.

Kenniston, however was pretty *ahem* sidetracked by every moving object and light in the area.  She throughly enjoyed the school bus, which she chose Nana to drive.  Nana doesn’t like confined spaces, but she played along and rode the child sized bus. 

Leaving, thankfully, was painless.  A “prize” of stickers and a mini-Tootsie pops cost a mere 70 tickets and left a smile on both kids faces. 

Updated: October 8, 2008 — 6:55 am
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