Turning a new leaf, or not

Many of you know that Vincent was pretty much a self proclaimed vegetarian for a long time.  Key word, was.  Now the words “but Mommy I am not going to like it” are common around here.  A few nights ago I was making home made red beans and rice (a WONDERFUL recipe from this blog…Thanks Jenny!) and as I prepared the beans I chopped some onions.  Vincent came over with his schlockenblock (er stool) and placed it beside me then stood on it to better see what I was doing.  He asked if I was cutting up onions, to which I replied “yes,” then he proceeds to tell me “but I am not going to like them.”  I told him that was fine and he could at least try it.  That is our so called strategy at this time. 
How could our once only veggie eating child go on an almost full veggie strike.  I say almost because the kid will still eat salad like there is no tomorrow and he still loves carrots.  I hate to admit this, but while we will continue to have him take at least one bite of his veggies during every meal, I might start adding veggies the sneaky chef way.  Sad, but true, I have stooped to this level. 
Updated: September 12, 2008 — 5:16 am
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