Twofer Tuesday

It is Tuesday so you get a double dose from us!

Here are some kiddos stats for ya:

25 3/8 inches (85th%)
13.5 pounds (40th %)

Ruby is our little chatter box.  She is constantly talking to us and singing, ok so I call it singing.  She is quick to smile and slow to complain (unless she is really sleepy).  She is content doing most things, like playing on her gym type mat or sitting in our new Bumbo style chair!   She will tolerate the Jumeroo, but after a while she isn’t so into it.  She loves when anyone talks to her, especially her big brother and sister.  She also loves to laugh, and most things make her do so.  Her hair is rapidly growing and it looks like she might be a blonde, even if just for a while.  Today I caught her trying to put her pacifier in her mouth and she also found her feet!  She isn’t allowed to do two milestones in one day any more!!  LOL

25 1/2 inches (50-75th%)
13.85 pounds (20th%)

Jack is a smiley baby, at times.  Anytime you approach him he will grin from ear to ear, however, if you leave the smile goes away quickly.  I am pretty sure he is a social butterfly.  Currently he loves zerberts and tickles.  He will grab anything around him and quickly try to put it in his mouth.  I have been trying to get him to grab his feet, however he just laughs when I do so.  As per recommendation of his physical therapist, we have been teaching him how to sit up and he is so close to doing so on his own.  The PT is impressed with his strength and so are we~! 
His cute little pudgy belly is very ticklish.  His absolutely favorite thing lately is swimming.  He is so calm and he smiles the entire time.  I have mentioned it before, but he might be my water baby. 

Both babies are getting on a decent schedule.  They usually nap about an hour and a half after they wake for the day (some time around 8-8:30am), then again when the big kids do, then again around 5:30 or so.  How long they nap isn’t as consistant, but that is ok.  They also both go back and forth on sleeping during the night.  I, however, am not getting much sleep at night.  Just recently we started putting them in cloth full time (with the exception of night time, disposables are still best for overnight protection).  As I sit here and type Jack is leaving me a present in his ever so cute Kushie diaper.  How nice of him.  Thank God for BF poops though, they are completely ok to throw in the washing machine!!! 


35 1/2 inches
25 pounds

Kenniston is 2 and it shows.  She is so funny and has an imagination that could rival that of a Pixar employee or Imaginear at Disneyworld.  I have yet to find her currency in discipline.  I am trying so hard to understand where she is coming from, but even with all of my years of childhood education and nannying, nothing could prepare me for her.  Even though she can be a stubborn spitfire, I still love her dearly.


41 inches
36.5 pounds

Wow, what can be said about Vincent now days?  A LOT!  He is reading so much and has such a curiousity of everything.  The other day while playing on his sand and water table he asked me “Mommy, is sand liquid or a solid?”  This conversation started a whole lesson about liquids and solids.  Lessons like this happen on a daily basis.  Lately we have been discussing the 9 fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness,  and self-control).  So far we have discussed peace and joy in detail, but the kids have been told what all 9 fruits are.  The other night while getting ready for dinner Brian told Vincent he needed to be patient and wait for the rest of us before eating.  Vincent stopped and said “Daddy, patience, that is one of the 9 fruits of the spirit!  I am going to be patient.”  He is so smart!

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