So we were sick off an on for weeks. Then I had not 1, but 2 BIG fundraiser photo shoots. Then Kenniston’s birthday party. Then I turned 29. Again.

Then Brian left for Honduras.

We’ve been a little busy.

But I thought I would stop in and share some photos from the last few weeks.

Brian played drums one last time at church before leaving. I’m going to miss this.

I <3 watching him play drums #goingtomissthis

Ruby rode a horse. And loved it.

We have another horse lover!

I found her sleeping like this one night.
Kenniston loves to read!

This is how my sweet Kenniston fell asleep tonight. <3

Vincent bought a cake pop for me on my birthday. Such a sweet kiddo!

Vincent bought me a cake pop for my birthday <3

We had a fun filled day in Austin.

<3 him

Brave boy!

She had to do it too...

Kenniston was super brave also.

Jack wasn't do sure...

I had feet growing out of my head!! yikes

I have feet growing out of my head!'

One last Daddy train for a while. This brings tears to my eyes every single time I see it.

One last Daddy Train for a while...

Tiny Dancer eating cereal

Tiny dancer, eating cereal.

Kenniston in gymnastics class. She got to move up to the 6-8 year old class! She loves it!

Point Kenniston point!

Ruby went through all of the hair pretties to find the one that matched her outfit perfectly! I love it!

Ruby was showing me that her hair pretty matched her pants.

I had to tear her away from her horse book to walk to the van (from the store). She loves horses and she loves to read!

I have to tear her away from her horse book to walk to the van...

Vincent after playing outside for a day. Sadly enough, this was after Benadryl.

I am having flashbacks from his 6th birthday :-( #allergies

Yes, we did have ice cream. Again. Brian has been gone only 2 weeks and we have had ice cream 3 times.

Messy face = yummy ice cream

Sun kissed skin and blood shoot eyes. 24 photo shoots in 3 weeks will do that to you.

Admitting defeat...sunburned face, bloodshot eyes #imsotired #goodnight

He is risen.

He is risen!!

We are trying to get back into the swing of school. Mad Libs help.

Getting back into the swing of school work...

Reading at the kitchen table.

Sitting at the table reading a cereal box. #similarsiblings

Yup, reading again…

School time while out and about. Today's lesson, bullying. #pinkydinkydoo #targetdlarbinrocks

Vincent being brave and Kenniston photo-bombing.

Vincent being brave!! #soproud

We were having a rough day. I couldn’t figure out why. It all came down to this.
(Kenniston wrote this)


Kenniston added up her allowance, tooth fairy money, and money from her Easter eggs.

Counting her Easter, tooth fairy, and allowance money in hopes of having enough to buy a dress for her new doll...

$23.86 (plus $1 from her older brother who insisted on helping her), Kenniston purchased a dolly and me dress set.

$24.86 hard earned, now spent. She's so proud of her dress!

Blow bubbles before bedtime. Sure, why not?

Blow bubbles before bed? But of course! #whynot #makethemtired

This kid is flexible!

Oh to be young and flexible again...

Vincent was excited to play video games with some friends!

Vincent gets to play video games...he's lovin' it :-)

We drove to Dallas to the American Girl store so Kenniston could get her Ruthie doll. This is one special doll, for one special girl. But that is a post for another day…

I have one very happy little {almost} 6 year old. #americangirl

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