Vincent James 2011

Vincent wasn’t so sure about this whole “goal” thing. I made sure to tell him that this was not something so serious that he would be graded on it. I think that was the problem. He feels that he needs to be perfect about everything at times so it bugged him that it wasn’t so serious.

After I reminded him of the goals he made last year (to make friends, read the Bible and hang out with his buddy Ayden) he came up with this list of goals.


By the way…Thomas is a friend that he made at the first church we attended when we moved here. We decided that the church was not for our family and we moved on. Vincent, however wasn’t that thrilled with the change and missed his buddy. I felt HORRIBLE, but did not want to keep going to a church that we didn’t feel we belonged at. To all of our surprise (and delight) when we showed up for Kenniston’s first day of ballet, Thomas and his mom & siblings were there. Thomas’s sister, Franchesca is in Kenniston’s ballet class! Every week Kenniston gets to dance with her friend while Vincent hangs out and plays with his. What a great situation!

Updated: January 5, 2011 — 4:43 am
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