Vincent’s evaluation

I have mentioned in the past that Vincent has a little bit of a stuttering issue.  I started speaking with his doctor about it this summer.  I was referred to a speech thearapist. I took the first avaliable appointment (early fall).  The ST told me to work on a few things with Vincent and then we were to come back in 3 weeks and have him re-evaluated by her and go from there.  During this time I did see some improvement, however it was during a very stressful time for him.  Brian had just left for Germany, we had many visitors, it just wasn’t an easy time for the poor kiddo. 

We took Vincent back for his re-evaluation and the ST thought we should be evaluated right away.  You might be scratching your head right about now, as I know I was.  I thought he had been evaluated already and I thought he was just going to do speech thearapy, but apparently that would make too much sense.  Nope, I was told to call the school system as they are the one that starts the speech thearpy process.  So I called to make an appointment to start the necessary process.  The closest appointment they had was December, which at this point was still months away, but I took it. 

I was told that at this appointment Vincent would be evaluated in 6 different areas because kids with speech delays/issues often had developmental delays in other areas. I know good and darn well that this kid is not delayed, but when you tell a mother that her child needs to be evaluated because he most likely has delays, you tend to not take that lightly.  This whole time I was concerned, worried if you will.  I thought my son would be suffereing in his stuttering and I was wasting time waiting for the school system – all because this Speech Therapist made it sound so urgent.

Fast forward to today.  I had to mentally prep Vincent on what was going to happen.  I didn’t tell him we were there to have him “evaluated,”  instead I told him we were going to play with teachers and talk to them.  This seemed to help ease any uncertainty he had.  After being evaluated for hearing, vision, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive development and speech/language development this is what we have found.  Vincent is bright, very bright.  He is on a 5-6 year old level for speech/language development and cognitive skills.  He was right at his age level for fine and gross motor skills.  I was able to speak with the speech/language specialist and she told me what I have read all along, his type of stuttering is normal for this age.  He is a very bright and excitable child and can’t get the words out fast enough.  Yup, we kinda knew that, but it was good to hear it again. This speech/language therapist works with preschool and school age children, so I trust her evaluation much more than the ST we saw at MAMC (the medical system here on post).  And it is safe to say that we will not have to proceed with Speech Therapy for now!

He did two things today while we were there that really made me (especially) proud.  One of the things an evaluator did was ask him questions.  She asked things like “if you are thirsty what should you do?”  He would answer appropriately and according to his answer the evaluator would put a mark on her paper if his answers were below age appropriate, at age appropriate or above.  The last question in this particular segmant was “if you broke your friends toy, what would you do?”  He thought about it and said “I would give the toy back.” The evaluator started to jot down that he was at age approprite, then Vincent said “then I would say I’m sorry and help my friend fix the toy.”  The evaluators jaw dropped and her eyes got wide.  I was so proud of him for that answer.  The evaluator then said “you just made me change my answer!”

At another time he was shown some pictures and had to tell the evaluator what the picture was then draw it.  The picture was a cross, like one you would see on a Red Cross sign.  Vincent said proudly “that is a cross, Jesus died on the cross!”  He was so proud of himself for knowing that!  The evaluator bent over toward us and said “yes I know, and I agree, but I am not supposed to talk about that.” 

As much as I would love to go on and on about all the wonderful things that Vincent did today to make me so proud, I won’t.  It is my blog and I can brag away all I want, but I think it is good to keep some things to ourselves and enjoy those things as a family.  I know that sounds some what funny, but as a mother I have seen so many friends try to make mother hood out to be a competitors sport and I realize how that can damage friendship and respect.  In honor of trying to not do that I am going to decide to keep some of those amazing accomplishments to myself (I will share them with Brian obivously and jot them down for V’s baby/kiddo book).  I don’t need to boast daily to show the world how great my kiddos are, once you meet them and get to know them, I am sure you will figure it out for yourself. 

Updated: December 12, 2008 — 8:04 am
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