Waiting is not fun

For the last several days we have been waiting. Waiting and waiting and waiting. Waiting to find out what time Brian’s flight would be coming in. Waiting for Sunday to come so we could greet him in the same room we left him in. Waiting to find out his flight was cancled. Waiting for the end of the week to come so he could fly out at that time. Waiting for a flight that came up ealier in the week. Waiting to hear if he would make that flight. Waiting to hear what time that flight would come in. Waiting for the email to confirm. Waiting to find out that that flight was delayed. Waiting only to find out that the delay time was, once again, delayed. Waiting to see if he.will.ever.leave.that.place. w.a.i.t.i.n.g.

How will I ever fill my time while we are home waiting? Hopefully thankful to have a husband who is coming home alive instead of a pinebox. Trying so hard to have that attitude. *sigh* back to waitiing I go.

With this change in attitude, a contest!

The person who guess the closest time to our happy reunion I will send you a prize, a $5 Starbucks gift card! I will close the contest the moment I get a call telling me that they have landed and the ceremony is at XX:xx time. Good luck folks! ps. Kelly McGovern Photography is also hosting a similar contest!

Updated: January 26, 2010 — 7:18 am

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