Wake up kids we are going to DISNEY!!!!

Yes, that is indeed how we told our kids that we were going to the Happiest Place on Earth. We woke them up, they opened gifts that told them the news.

At 5am.


They were a little tired. Perhaps they may have been more excited had it not been so early. Oh well, I wanted to get a good start on our day.

We checked into Fort Wilderness at 7am on the dot. Here is a little known tip: the earliest you can check into your resort is 7am. You can not take your stuff to your room, or cabin as in our case, but you can leave it with the front desk and they will take it to your room. How stinken’ cool is that? We chose to leave our stuff in the van. We had most of it packed, but we were more concerned with getting to the park.

Once we were all checked in, the kids got their “1st Time Visitor” pins and we headed to the Magic Kingdom on the resort ferry.010


We carried a backpack to the park, which had to be inspected by Disney security guards every time we entered the parks.  They were all really nice and chatted with us as they inspected our bags.  The one we encountered this morning even took the time to show us the hidden Mickey on his security badge.




We arrived at the park shortly after it opened.  We just happened to come on an “extra hours” morning.  The park was fairly empty, which allowed for plenty of good photos and short lines!!


008  PhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_Park_7113219578


In my true planning nature, I had already made all of our reservations and FastPass plans. I may have even had an itinerary. *ahem* We loosely followed the itinerary however. With small crowds and fast rides, we were more concerned with enjoying the atmosphere and rides.

We had to ride It’s a Small World (after all)..

011 012

Go ahead and sing…it’s ok.


After that we checked out several attractions…

Mad Tea Party


Swiss Family Treehouse

014 016 017019

Tomorrowland Speedway

018  022


Dumbo ride


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And then we took the kids on a roller coaster..

Goofy’s Barnstormer



Ok, so the Barnstormer is a kiddie coaster.  We wanted to prepare them for their next roller coaster ride…


Big Thunder Mountain!!  They loved it!


And then Splash Mountain.

We told the kids that they were going to take their picture at a certain spot.  We suggested they make a funny face.  Brian, Ruby, and I did, the rest of the kids…well…


We rode a few more rides and checked out a few shows.

I found Brian’s name in the line to Winnie the Pooh ride.


Yes, the Country Bear Jamboree is still around.


Before the show a cast member stood up front talking to the guests and telling jokes.  He asked if anyone knew Peter Pan’s favorite restaurant.  Kenniston hollered from the back “Wendy’s!”   The cast member sadly walked over,  and talked about how he was sad for her to already know his joke.  It was pretty funny, she loved it.041

We also made sure to try a Dole Whip (or 2).  If you have ever had a Dole Whip, you know why this is picture worthy.  If only you could taste by looking at the pictures…yummm

043 044 045


We eventually made it to Tom Sawyer Island to have a picnic lunch with the locals.

053 054 047

We rode the train back to the front of the park.  After departing the train I found these!!

030 031 032

If you have visited the park in the last 5-20 years you may remember the penny arcade that used to be on Main Street.  It was a great way to spend some down time after a long day at the parks.  A few years ago they took the games out of area and added stores instead.  I was kind of disappointed to hear this, the arcade was a neat piece of the past.  Imagine my excitement when I found these games from the arcade.  It was a great surprise.


Something else that has changed over the years at Disney World is the addition of this:


After grabbing a coffee we stayed long enough to play a little more, but not long enough to completely wear ourselves out.  We wanted to check out our cabin and other fun things the resort had to offer.

We headed back to the ferry to catch the boat back.  We were greeted with a gorgeous sunset that covered the Grand Floridian resort.


We made it back to our resort.  I loved seeing the Christmas decor every where!




One fun thing the resort offers is a campfire and movie, every night!


002 003 004 005

After s’mores we were all tired and ready for rest.  We headed to our cabin to get ready for the next day of fun!



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