Wanted: A Good Nights Sleep

ISO a good night sleep.  One that doesn’t involve one of two adorable newborns waking up in desire of a good meal.  Preferrably a night with out a smart little boy that sleep walks into our room to sleep on our overstuffed chair.  Or that same boy who is put into his bed, but comes back and wakes with his daddy’s alarm clock only to go back to his room to wake his sister.  Wanted the reassurance that these same children won’t run amoke in the house while I try to sleep and nurse one of the two adorable above mentioned babies.  I would be willing to settle for a night with just waking to feed infants, but I do not want to settle for the other children all hours wakings and destroying of the house.  Such behavior leads to cranky mornings, whiney breakfasts, buckets of tears and meltdowns, and that is just me (trust me, the kids are worse). 
Updated: May 12, 2008 — 9:53 pm

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