Washington DC fun

The museums we visited were neat, and the monuments and statues were plenty.  However, one of my favorite places that we visited in the Washington DC area was Fort McHenry.  Fort McHenry is a national monument and historic shrine.  So what is it?

Fort McHenry had a big part in the War of 1812.  You can read all about its role in the war here.  In short, after a battle was fought all night, dawn came and Francis Scott Key looked out to find the American flag waving victoriously.

We spent the day exploring the fort and the kids worked on their junior ranger badges.  They especially loved reading the plaques, watching the movie about the fort (they all sat down and watched it!), and doing the variety of hands on activities offered inside the ranger center.  025


After receiving their badges, we headed outside to actually explore the fort.


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After a while I noticed a camera crew following someone around.  Being the curious people we are, we headed outside to see who it was and what they were doing.  Upon further investigation, we found TWO *different* groups of camera crews.

One was following around Brian Unger, the host of the show “How the States Got Their Shapes”



And the other crew was following Mike Rowe who was working on his new show called “Somebody’s Gotta Do It”

004 close up 004


I’m not usually a “star struck” person, but it was cool to see both of them there at the same time doing a show!

Like I mentioned, this was one of my favorite spots to visit during our visit.  The national park service does a great job of making their centers educational and fun.


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