We all miss Daddy…

and he has only been gone for 36 hours! 

Brian left for an overseas training very early yesterday morning, but we all miss him already.  This morning the kids were asking me “is Daddy back from ______?”  Sadly enough I had to explain that it will still be a few weeks unitl he returns.  I did add in the good news that Aunt Tonya is coming in a week, then Nana will be here shortly after that. 

Then this afternoon as I was making lunch I had the kitchen window open to let the wonderful Washington afternoon fresh air in.  I heard a small motorcycle slowly drive by and immediately I looked up to see if it were Brian.  I quickly realized my mistake, and though a little sadder, finished up the kids luncch.  Even though I “drive on” and have learned to deal with the physical seperations that the military lifestyle brings on, I still miss my dear sweet husband a lot.  I will put on that “I have it all together mask” and all, but seriously, feel free to come over and hang out, remind me to get out.  I love having friends around to do stuff with and get through this time.  I might seem ok, but I do miss Brian just as much (if not more than) as the kids.

Updated: September 10, 2008 — 9:57 pm


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  1. Big hugs Kelly! Keep that chin up and that positive attitude going. He’ll be home before you know it! Just make sure you don’t have my week.. lol.. where everything seems to fall apart in front of you. HUGS!


  2. Hi Honey. Hang in there. I’ll be home as soon as I can. I miss you so much! Give the kids each a kiss and a hug from me. love,me

  3. Oh, Kelly, I SO wish I could come and help you out. I can’t leave Jim alone and two plane tickets are out of the question financially. 🙁 But I’m praying for you and the kids. Love, Peggy

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