We are eating dinner together…

In our new home!!


When we looked at various travel trailers, we had a few criteria that must be met. We needed one that had 2 sets of bunk beds (so we could fit our entire family), we needed it to weigh less than 9,000 pounds with our belongings ( so our vehicle could tow it), and we needed it to have plenty of storage. Having never owned a trailer (or even stayed in one), I wasn’t sure what else to look for. As we looked at trailer after trailer online, I began to see pros and cons to each one. The “bunk house” configuration we found caught my eye because it has a room with 2 bunk beds. One thing I especially like about the bunk house trailer we chose is the table. It is a U shaped dinette that fits our entire family.

Tonight we dined together as a family at our table.

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