We got to go on a DATE!!!

It is late, really late, but I just had to share how excited I am.  Brian and I had the chance to go on a date, a real date.  It is great to occasionally grab a cup of coffee and chat for a little while away from the house and craziness.  But, it is down right amazing to leave our area (and head to just south of Seattle) to go to a concert (and quick dinner before hand).  Wow.  We haven’t seen this band play since 2002.  This band is pretty significant to us for many reasons.  First of all it was one of Brian’s favorite bands when we first started dating and both of us continue to listen to them.  Brian had one of their tapes, you know those things that had that reel inside that turned the threading through to make music…yeah, a tape!  Even though the method of which he listens to the music (a tiny MP3 player that holds many of their albums), the love of this band is still the same.  We aren’t the only ones who have attended shows over the years, many fans are semi-cult following and know all of the words and “hand motions” as well.  It is defnitly a fun show to attend and I am so thankful to have had that time with Brian.
Another cool thing about RCPM is that we saw them the night that we got engaged.  My gift to Brian for our “3rd year anniversary” (of dating) was going to the concert.  Brian’s gift to me that night was an engagement ring. 

Thank you aunt Mandy, uncle Aaron, Nina and Matthew for watching our wee ones.  I am sorry the older two were ever so slightly honery in getting down to bed.  I am sorry Jack and Ruby gave you trouble as well.  You guys have always been such great friends, I know we are in huge debt to you. 

Updated: November 16, 2008 — 9:47 am
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