We Like Nora!

As I have mentioned before, we are a fan of Trader Joe’s.  For those of you that haven’t had the chance to check out this awesome place, let me tell you a little bit about it.  It is a reasonably priced natural/locally grown type grocery store.  Think Whole Foods/Central Market/Wild Oats with reasonable prices and smaller.  The nearest TJ is about 20 minutes away so we only go there about twice a month or so.  We buy most of our groceries there, especially our produce and the occasional meat products. 

So as I mentioned we go there about twice a month and have been going since last fall or so.  Seeing how small this store is, we have gotten to know some of the employees.  There is one hippy chic who has dreads and is pretty funky.  There is a spunky little blonde lady who always comments on the kids.  I could go on, but instead I willl just say they are all extremely nice and helpful.  Nora, is our favorite.  When my wallet was stollen she was my cashier.  She did not rush me, in fact she said she would do anything I needed her to do.  She has remembered us every time.  Tonight when we were in line she walked over to us and said “you guys probably want to get out of here soon, let me take you over here.”  After chatting a while, she said “hey, isn’t that Jack and Ruby?”  She remembers us every time!  She told me she thinks about me a lot and was hoping my wallet issue would be resolved.  She is always so sweet to us. 

Updated: October 18, 2008 — 6:42 am
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