We still have it after 11 + years together

Tonight while Brian and I were walking around the lodge we were stopped by a complete stranger.  She was a young lady (our age, lol) and she said “I just have to stop and tell you that I have been watching you and I think you guys are the cutest couple!”  It took us by suprise, but it was a nice suprise!  Here we were after 11 years of ups and downs, 7 years of marraige, 4 kids, multiple moves from the East Coast to the West Coast, physical seperations due to 2 deployments and several trainings and yet we still have it.  As we walked hand in hand I really thought about it.  What a huge compliment that was.  Our marraige is not perfect by any means, I am not the perfect wife, I have my faults.  I probably (just probably) snap at my husband too much and I might blame him for things the kids might have done.  It might appear at times that I take him for granted or forget to thank him for his help.  And I never (and boy do I mean never, especially lately) hede the advice of our speaker from MOPS a few weeks ago…not once have I over the last year dolled myself up just before my husband got home in hopes of looking good for him.  I am not going to lie, somedays I don’t even get out of my pajamas.  While those days are rare, they do happen *gasp*
I do however love him and try to be the best wife I know how to be.  We have grown a lot in the last several years.  Brian comes from a home where dinner was on the table when Dad got home, they ate, then Dad sat down in front of the TV.  In my home dinner was on the table around 8pm and everyone helped out before and afterwards.  Now in our home dinner comes about an hour after Daddy arrives and everyone helps out, a huge improvement to the 8 o’clock hour that it used to be.  The toilet paper hangs over the roll, the toothpaste is squeezed from the bottom, green beans are rarely served, and cleaning the kitchen is Daddy’s terrain (he is really good at it!).  Oh yeah, did I mention he cleans diapers too?  We have meshed into one big happy family and it is still a works in progress.

So you are probably wondering about this lodge we are staying in.  As in many units, the Chaplin of Brian’s unit held a marraige retreat.  The theme of this particular retreat was “Strong Bonds.”  It was such a great workshop. We have attended one other retreat in the past (at Fort Drum) and it pales in comparrison to this one.  It will be hard to attend another one in fact, I fear we will compare the two and be dissapointed.  The children have been cared for by wonderful, responsible people, the food has been scrumptious, the accomidations beyond what we could normally afford in our budget, and most importantly the knowledge we have gained through this Chaplin has been very helpful.  We even had the chance to spend several hours together, with out any of our wonderful children!  We got to hang out in a hot tub, explore a nearby small town and relax in the lobby next to the ginormous fire place and beautiful mountain veiws.  What an expereince, I am blessed!

I gotta run, that awesome husband of mine is letting me take advantage of an amazing deal here at the lodge.  They have a special (half price) massage at the spa for military.  yiiippeee!

Updated: December 7, 2008 — 3:12 am
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