Weird Kitchen. Tall Pantry.

Our old house was built in 1899, or some time around then.  They did not keep very good records in those days, so they aren’t really sure.  However, it is old.  The kitchen is a huge rectangle with not a lot of flow to it.  We have a U-shaped design, but the pantry is basically 3 cabinets built in the 1980’s.  And they are extremely high.  Because of the lack of great storage I have to keep some of my plastic bowls on the very high pantry/cabinets.  Often I can’t find the stool to get them down and I have to borrow Ruby.  Even though she is just shy of 4′, she helps me reach the highest items.  How, you may ask.


Like this.



Updated: January 22, 2017 — 11:38 pm
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