Wow, what a small world

I have mentioned this a few times, but I love MOPS.  I try to share this wonderful group with any mommy I meet.  In fact, on a message board of mommies whose kiddos were born in April 2006, I suggested joining MOPS.  Well, one of those mommies, “H,” joined a MOPS group near her home and messaged me to tell me how much she enjoyed it. 

Fast forward a few weeks.  Off and on I have requested on my blog and other places that people pray for Stellan and his family.  I have recieved many comments (on Facebook) and emails from other people that have started following this family {and praying for them} after hearing about them from me. 

Today I recieved an email from “H.” “H” said that at her MOPS they were asked to pray for a baby and his Mommy that go to her MOPS.  This baby’s name was Stellan.  Yeah, I still have the chills.  She told me that she had followed MckMama’s blog and prayed for them since I mentioned it a while back.  Wow.  How amazing that this little boys prayers have gone in a circle like that!  What a small world.  I am so glad that people out there are praying for this family.  Thanks y’all keep those prayers going!

Updated: April 3, 2009 — 5:57 am
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