Yes, my kids indeed are individuals (like no other)

If you know me at all, you know that I feel like our children are unique, like no others.  So, it should come as no surprise that they all look different in different colors. 

Today I put a red dress on my “Ruby.”  I thought it would be oh-so-cute to dress her in her namesake.  Uh, I was wrong.  The name “Ruby” suits her well.  I think the name is petite and sweet.  Ruby as a color on Ruby is not.  It made her look sickly and it was just wrong.  Perhaps Violet, however, might have been a better name.  Ruby looks so beautiful in lavender.  It really brightens her sweet chubby cheeks.  With those long fingers and snow white fair skin the pale purple looked, well stunning. 

Jack, we all know (only because I probably mention it way too often), looks great in green and brown.  He seems to have the olive complection that matches perfectly against earth tones.  He just looks so cool in any off beat earth-toney-green-brown combo I put him in.  Forget light gray and real pale blue though, those colors completely drown out his complection and make him look ill.

Vincent looks awesome in blues and grays.  He can so easily pull of the skate boarder look as well as red/white/blue combos.  Navy is another one that my handsome little man can easily pull off.  And as funny as this sounds, anything with tan works well on this kiddo. 

Now Kenniston is another olive complected child.  Unlike her little sister, she does not fare well in purples.  However, pinks really make her skin color pop.  Kenniston is vivacious and full of smiles, anything happy looking (does that sound ubber cheesy?) just looks amazing on that fun loving girl.  A rich bright dark pink is probably the best color, but deep golden yellow also goes well.  She is a child that can also wear white nicely.  Maybe I should reword that, it looks great on her, but she really should wait a few years before wearing it regularly.  I think these late toddler years/early preschool years are not the best time to wear white. 

Updated: January 12, 2009 — 6:13 am
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