Yet another Snow Day

Those of you following on the news (and I know you are, lol) you might have noticed that here in the Pacific Northwest, we are taking somewhat of a beating by Old Man Winter.  It seems this is the year for snow.  I made the mistake of opening my mouth just a week or so ago.  You see, I told someone that we have had unseasonably warm weather this late fall, like 5-10 degrees below normal.  I was not complaining by any means, it was just odd.  Winter came in with a bang and we are doing everything we can to enjoy it rather than complain about it.  We might be somewhat stuck on post, but we are going to have fun by golly.

First you might have noticed our snow man on the previous post.  Just for kicks though, here are a few pictures from that event:

By the end of the night this snowman had leaned over (he was tired) and fallen over. 

Fast forward to today… More freshly fallen snow just begging to be sledded on.  After days couped up in the house we had to hear the crunch of our snow boots stomping on the sparkling (as Kenniston describes it) white stuff.  It took 45 minutes (no lie!) to get all 6 of us ready (I did most of it by myself as I was waiting for Brian to get back from the post office to mail off Christmas cards) but I was determined to go!  We walked down the street and found the perfect hill.  Vincent was all too excited, as soon as he heard me suggest said hill to Brian, Vincent dove (onto his belly) on the sled down the hill.  Kenniston went down a few times, but she enjoyed making snow angels and collecting snow balls more than anything. 

Thankfully the twins were content just watching the action.  I wanted to let them sled down (with my assistance, obviously) a small hill also, but the weather was in the high teens, so I didn’t dare take them out of their snug layers of blankets in the stroller.  They also had 3 layers of clothing and snow gear, but I still didn’t want to take them out.  Hoefully the temps will rise a bit so they too can try sledding. 
All in all it was a fun afternoon activity.  I know tomorrow we will be around the house again…perhaps we will build another snow man, or some snow kids as per Kenniston’s current request. 

For now, enjoy these pictures from today:

The twins watching the snow and sledding fun:

Kenniston making a snow angel:

Vincent kept going down so fast that I didn’t have much time to adjust my settings to get a good picture:

Me walking the twins to the hill: 

Daddy had to try the hill out as well:

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