You know you are a mother moments…

  • When you are struck in the corner of your eye with an unknown flying toy and while trying not to cry uncontrolably out of pain (and not being successful) you hear the following conversation with your 2 1/2 year old and your spouse: “Kenniston what were you doing? You really hurt Mommy, look, she is crying.” Kenniston “But Mommy was Goliath and I am David.” Hmm, I didn’t know that.
  • When you can hold a conversation and stop a sword fight between two children.
  • When you consider it a good night when you get to cook a good meal (home made red beans and rice and salad), wash and dry 3 loads of laundry, get kids clothes ready for bed and the next day and entertain two 5 month old babies.
  • When despite carrying one of those 3 loads of laundry to the living room couch you know to step over the small yet painful to step on toy. You know to step over that toy, not because you can currently see it, but because it was there earlier and you know to step over it.
  • When you haven’t yet picked up said toy because you are trying to save all of your “bend overs” to pick up the small toy, blanket, and burp cloth in one swoop.
  • When folding the 3 loads of said laundry you begin to identify the stains on your clothing and they are as follows: stubborn baby spit up on the shoulder, back and a line down the center of your shirt, baby poop on the side of your shirt and knee of your pants, grass stains on your knees, black berry juice on the bottom of a shirt from a little girl, and spaghetti sauce on my sleeve from the same little girl who really wanted to hug me a lot during dinner.
  • When your husband says the following ” You know I would only need like 5 pair of underwear if we didn’t have all these kids.”

    Me (not really sure where he is going with this) “oh really, why?”

    Brian “Well, I could just wash my own laundry everyday and have like 5 pair of clean underwear to choose from everyday. I would only really have to wash it once a week or so.”

    hmm, if only, lol.

Updated: September 2, 2008 — 6:57 am

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